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UNCIVILIZED features Tyler Wrighteous and is the first single from Cello Figaro's "God Bless America" mixtape.


Wrighteous - verse 1

Daredevil in a red dress hugging all the curves
in an all white Ferrari that's parked up on the curb.
The word that I've heard is she's willing to serve
give head to them niggas ahead, ain't that obsurd.
Her true color's a blur but she's all about the green.
Can you blame the girl, she's living out her dreams.
Always down for war so you know that she's a soldier
gets paid by the people just to fuck you over
(UNCIVILIZED) now ain't that some shit
(UNCIVILIZED) in the world there is no badder bitch
They say that she can always change with time
but even with the flaws I still want her to be mine
Daredevil in a red dress hugging all the curves
in an all white Ferrari that's parked up on the curb
When she come you get the blues, so true believe it
but it's a free country my nigga pledge your allegiance

Figaro - verse 2

Home of the slave, land of the free base
where corporate thugs tote coke in a briefcase
One on each strong arm like a free weight
where if he pay, yea boy that's leeway
them niggas that he hate, them niggas that we be
them niggas that eat cake and still hold a slice like a keepsake
my whip uncivilized, chicks uncivilized
fresh from the mall outfits uncivilized
substantial no sub to dance to
sub par poetic pollution is what they ran to
ran thru their run on sentences like a predicate
rude ass gentleman, still got hella etiquette
better get back, get down, or lay up
with biddies with silicon titties, weave, or fake butts
in God we trust, but in broads we lust
forsake dreams chase sluts now in broads we bust
I was raised by television and parental guidance
now I got better vision without parental eyelids
the ignorance that kept us apart like a hyphen
is cause for emergency, Figaro be the siren
Vibrant, with a violent vice grip on your ears
never silent, try this nice shit here
every blogger on the net gotta feel it right
even Karen Civil say that shits uncivilized

Wrighteous - Hook

Why is everything that's supposed to be bad
make me feel so good
Everything they told me not to
is exactly what I would
but that ain't how I'm brought up
but now I'm caught up
in that good Un-American way
feeling like a beast let of it's cage
the revolution shouldn't be televised
we are uncivilized

Wrighteous & Figaro- verse 2

Oh say can you see to be or not to be
a part of this regime, i don't think it's for me
The American heritage, where in it
we embrace fraud shit, aww shit
fucked up marriages with sub par parenting
from crack 80's to 90's babies on heroin
over the counter like Claritin
Problems like these is why I don't rap about nonsense
I ain't got swag
shit, I ain't got now conscience
So join us on a conquest, we the holy orchestra
H.O, we don't chase hoes
we 'bout them pesos, bank rolls
and disregard them fake flows like
aint those them niggas whose women give us besos
ain't those them haters that be up in the eighth row
can't get on a showcase but mad cuz we get paid shows
now that's uncivilized, gotta get that skrilla right
but we just some niggas right?


released September 11, 2012
produced by Cello Figaro



all rights reserved


Cello Figaro Virginia Beach

Cello Figaro is an Alternative-Hip Hop artist/producer/songwriter currently residing in Virginia Beach, VA.

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