H​.​e​.​r & Other Drugs

by Cello Figaro

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"H.e.r & Other Drugs" is an abstract tale of addiction. "H.e.r" is the personification of music, the ultimate prized intention, and the ultimate drug. HAOD uses "h.e.r" and various other drugs as metaphors and euphemisms to depict vivid images of the real world from an artist's point of view.


released May 28, 2012

Executive producer: Cameron "Cello Kid" Cloman
Art Direction: Sky Welkin
Visuals: Martin Tucker & Amavie Clement
Lead Model: Kara Rochester



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Cello Figaro Virginia Beach

Cello Figaro is an Alternative-Hip Hop artist/producer/songwriter currently residing in Virginia Beach, VA.

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Track Name: YNRS (Mourning Glory)
Kicking ass and taking dames
breaking hearts forgetting names
went to manhattan
and blew all my pocket change
did the show for Patron
that night know a nigga got paid
but don't ask me where it went
I spent that shit on some thangs
not tryna say that i ball
its just shit that I can't recall
things that I wasn't used to
like women that try to use you
you turn em down at the party
next thing they try to accuse you
whatever ho...
I prepared to settle for happiness
now look whats happening
I bring the pain like the game was a masochists
I'm nasty bitch
so who gon stop me
you niggas wishin you were me, just be glad that u not me
cuz you couldn't walk a block in my SB's
yet you talking all the jazz like gilespie
I know my fam getting testy
this stack of unpaid bills getting messy
woah, and college just aint what I'm made for
4 years and i realized this ain't what I paid for
so faculty can go to hell
and sally mae can suck a nut
I'd make a list of all the fucks i give but I don't give a fuck
I'm past educated...I say this bar with a prayer
I ain't worried bout my degree cuz that ain't my kinda paper
only way I'll keep my savings account filled
is if they stop taking dollars and come out with new bills
cuz my shopping is an impulse
u just copped them but they been dope
we rock the shit thats on hypebeast
you bought the shit off of hypebeast
exageratting the swag, yea i admit that i might be
I need to calm this shit down can't let these folks over hype me
I'm tryna gon slamming porch doors to hop in 4 doors
to slamming porsche doors and crashing it then copping 4 more
if you can help me I won't doubt you if you need me then I got you
but if you look at my team you'll say they can make it without you
cuz my squad is well assembled individuals in search via
their visuals for women, respect, and proper residuals
I'm stupid with the pencil skills
I'm patient as in mental ill
you hatin while I keep it trill
you fiction you can't keep it real
(with harmonies)
I came from the bottom of the totem pole
now yo girl on my totem pole
and she the mouth of the south so
the word round town she can get my totem swooollleee
niggas say they not fucking with me
as if they had an option
they hate my shit when they hear it
but still they know it's popping
on some mary shit, fuck yo comparisons
ask the bouncers at the club I'm rarely in
I'm at the crib making beats and chasing fantasies
on my ass, eating chips and playing final fantasy
7 through 9 to be exact. old school with my pimpin
I'm with some basic ass light skinned girls those my simpsons
We all know i got an ego, yall just lucky that he quiet
I swag on niggas daily I aint pious but I'm pious
I'm that excitement you missing, I'm sorry that i'm so distant
now them niggas sellin u dreams as if they received commission
I'm hungry but I ain't wishing, not thirsty but i'm positioned
I told my momma I'd do it I hope she know I ain't kiddin
I had Dreams of being GOAT, that's the kid in me
I give you mp3's but my message hit's you visually
booking shows in towns my own fam couldn't envision me
I'm traveling seeing girls giving them all where the pistons B
so tell me what you need fool
I'll accomodate
I stopped wearing my watch i got no time to hate
that means its all love
I know Sky welkin got me, Guerilla cookies got me
Kesh I know you got me, Soulsound
and un common ground I know you got me
Sound Carnival got me, kleos and davy got me
Q and wrighteous they got me
and if they don't it's all good bcuz I'm clutch like robert horry
late in the fourth...all on my mind is scoring
Kill it on the big stage and all the praise will start pouring
this that young nigga renegade shit, morning glory
Track Name: Engaged 2 Mary ft. Ataraxis
verse 1:

Fresh off the stage, my bad..my bed/
got fed exercised, got head, got ahead/
in and out the shower, then I got fly/
got flyer, ooh I kept flying/
Every night's my honeymoon/
every day's my wedding day/
every night's my honeymoon/
ever day's my wedding day/
maybe I was meant to be a loner, oh-oh-oh/
I swore I'd never be a stoner, no-no-no/
but she like a drug I'm addicted to therefore I'm down on my kneecaps/
I propose every night and she always say yes but my life is like rehab/
Every night's my honeymoon/
every day's my wedding day/
every night's my honeymoon/
ever day's my wedding day/

Engaged to Mary (x4)

Alone for the holidays/
anyone close to me is miles and miles away/
I'm sober from you being gone and it's taking my smile away/
I'm sipping on something to help me cope with all my problems today/
But when you come back, I'mma re up on ya/
when you come back, I'mma be up on ya/
We gon' spark up the Christmas tree, under the mistle toe/
It's that time again, oh- now here we go/
Every night's my honeymoon/
every day's my wedding day/
every night's my honeymoon/
ever day's my wedding day/

Engaged to Mary (x4)

Tonight I got dressed up/
last time I was swaggin in my pj's/
she doesn't mind I come as I is/
I'm thinking 'bout planting some seeds/
and growing a couple of kids in the living room/
plantation in the living room/
is it too soon to branch out, there's something about that family tree/
I made all this green and who can I call to blow it all but my family/
Sky introduced me to her, said she would change my lifestyle/
Swore that I wouldn't fall in love, look at me now she my best bud (best bud)/
Every night's my honeymoon/
every day's my wedding day/
every night's my honeymoon/
ever day's my wedding day/

Engaged to Mary (x4)

Tell me where's the ceremony/
make sure I got them flowers on me/
tell me where's the ceremony/
I might be late, I might be late for that/
Track Name: Sky Welkin - L.S.D (Love Sucks Dick) pt. I
Early predicament
New dog, old trick
Cool dog, big bark
He can't tell she slick
She like his bark
The trick likes the licks
The type of dog she could see herself vibin with
He had his eye on the pie
He wanna slice of it
He took his chance, since
He used to roll the die a bit
1 night, 2 nights
maybe 3 nights then quit
Night 1 came around
Both feeling legit
In the ring, ding-ding
He decided to go for it
She told him his best chance to win was to quit
time soon went
game started to slip
He forgot the head
I guess Love Sucks Dick
Track Name: The Cha$e (single)
verse 1:

What up money, you heard that the cash will get you some ass/
Okay sonny, now you kissing ass to step up your cash/
See that's funny, cuz you kissing ass to step up your cash/
to get some more ass? okay i'm broke and get women I think that I'll pass/
Cash chase is a rat race, niggas be throwing up fists/
and though my slice is American I'm banking my cheese with the swiss/
I'm on tour in Florida, some where that's fuego/
my haters back home like where in the world is Cello San Diego/
I simply can't sympathize with you simple guys/
Welkin gear, it's a simple guise/
Sky made it, it's simply fly/
Sipping on simply and 'tron is simply nice/
Yup, this is that college escape flow/
but even Superman ain't have all these D-riders clutching the edge of his cape though/
Ladies think I'm wavy, I'm floating their boat/
and none of my peers (piers) can see me, I'm far from the coast/
I'm earning my stripes, like a Burberry coat/
I'm killing these rappers in song, murder he wrote/


Money comes around and goes around so why chase it..
Women come around and go around so why chase em..
Money comes around and goes around so why chase it..
Brothers come around and go around so why chase em

Verse 2:

What up honey? You looking for brothers with cash flow/
See that's funny. You say I look like I just passed "Go"/
Well guess again, I happen to be a pedestrian/
but I can stimulate your mind if you looking for a fine young equestrian/
not talking about horses, but I'm riding the beat so nice you can't teach that in courses/
This is a message for all the alexis's and porches'/
tryna go from porches to porsches/
who came into heels for forches/
oh good girl with a lame dude, such shame/
Girl, don't let your ignorance hinder your upgrade/
This the upbringing, let me raise/
A diamond in the rough, let me appraise you/
She say that time in class, that's time wasted. why?/
cuz studying ain't gonna get her on that a-list/
Used her head to get out that next class like why take it?/
Used her ass to get in that S-Class like why chase it?/
Track Name: Easter Pink
she got the make up of a godess, honest
locks like pocahantas, black queen
and i'm just tryna poke her highness
we had a thing before but it was some shitty timing
if her ass wasn't so fat then we could put the past behind us
but we can't..oh well, she can't
but I can i'm reaching for that easter pink
and I just cup it in my hands
she why you do this to me
I reply cuz you deserve it
we have sex because it's real
and relationships ain't worth it
at the moment at least
go through the motions and flee
and get home right around three
and watch some espn, recount my feats to my friends
make some music and chill...shit i might call her again
should I call her again?


chasing pussy is a sin,
but when it falls in your lap it's a blessing
its a blessing, its a blessing
when it falls in your lap its a blessing

I can say I miss you and fuck u within the same breath
dont miss you but i just wanna fuck u bcuz my main left
when niggas swim for the first time we feel like some made men
I be diving for hearts like Corinne, yea i hang 10
I don't love but I will, if you give me time
if you aint looking for love ironically I'll give you mine
see i aint looking for shit, i say we simply exist
I say we make like a pimp, hands on the wheel mayne
chase pussy in search of love and there comes the real pain
that 808 so far gone and man on the moon pain
but still the grip so tight
i mean them lips just right
Track Name: 2 hi
writing them bars that get you shot at
so in a way my flow is suicide
like if I knew my date and time to go
I'd probably off myself the night before cuz I have too much pride
I've come to terms with the fact that if 2012 is the end
then we spent our whole lives in this class like the pen
that holds pigs whom eat scraps of the life that is sought after
I cried so much chasing a joke I forgot laughter
what happened to emotions, we just going through the motions
see the game is to cello what La - La is to Carmelo
I got 99 problems, and excellent execution
you got good intentions make a call down to houston
I know more shades of the blues than Stanley Tookie or snoop
got more dreams of coupes, grammys, and panties
and more space in my garage for caddies and lambis
and till the tomb I know I'm live but even then to their surprise
the flow will keep me alive I'm too dope to lay down and die
i'm too high for all your lows, so I eq yall out my prose
and if the flows ain't fuckin gold and only I am thinking so
its only right and I suppose
Track Name: Heroine ft. Steven Q (Rude Ass Gentlemen)

you my Mimosa Rosa
i'll give up my seat for you
shit might do a lot for you
only thing I wont do is stop
lacing these tracks with this heat for you
and the only thing i'll beg is your pardon
know that you hear this often
I worked for so long, got my ross on, now they sayin i'm a boss
poppin collars of some fly shit that ain't polo or lacoste
I had a dream before I met you that you came into the loft
that's in my mind we had some drank we had a talk we hit it off


I know I'll win the game if I just take the shot-shot-shot
Baby girl I've been fiendin you know you hit the spot-spot-spot
Baby you're my drug, think I'm bout to main line
I've done other drugs, but it ain't the same high
I've been shooting up, baby you're my rush
They say you're my heroin, I just call it lust
I just call it lust

Track Name: Ex-stacy (Me n U)
oh girl u aint fresh you extra mint
girl you aint the shit you the excrement
and girl your body so exquisite
i'm tryna engage in some explitives
had to double check when xmas is
cuz yo presence is like a present
and I treasure that like where them x's is
my ex know I aint this affectionate
I don't make up plans I just execute
and when I'm sexin mine, I aint talkin bout exercise
with sex in mind..
I will make love to your brain tho you extra fine
baby explain, how u do tricks like x games
that make me explode like i'm poppin xo
xo xo u extra special
u outta this world, extra terestial
i mean you had that body on exhibit
put then legs behind your head like the exorcist
i know u feel that girl that's exstacy
when you next to me, excellent
Track Name: Rehab (Everybody Changes) ft. Steven Q
might smoke might drink might do my thing
might take that knee my buy that ring
she claim that things can't stay the same
I told that bitch I'll never change
we say our vows, we take a bow
one song one dance then we dip out
I took her hand I kissed her mouth
and told her bitch don't ever change
promise that you'll call out my faults
but love my flaws, yes love them all
cuz I love her flaws and all
i hope this bitch don't ever change
I met your mom, you met my dad
you aint got no sisters but i got brothers
when we need fam we got eachothrs
see bitch that's why you changed your name
girl i hope that you down for some kids
because i like making em, i'll try raisin em
the day that met you I started naming em
still bitch I know that you gon change
as far as the physical,
i know them kids gon fuck you up, fuck you up
look bitch I'll still love you the same
i won't promise the same thing as
brothers with lame game
saying the same things that called u the same names
thats why I'm calling you bitch right now
but every body changes