Forget Me Not

by Cello Figaro

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"Forget Me Not" is something for hip-hop fans with an eclectic ear. Cello Kid takes a moderately relaxed approach to making music whilst still getting his point across clearly a concise.


released February 13, 2011

Cello Kid; Darius Mines; Wrighteous; Will Moore; Sky Welkin; Julian Gregory; Dj JMayy



all rights reserved


Cello Figaro Virginia Beach

Cello Figaro is an Alternative-Hip Hop artist/producer/songwriter currently residing in Virginia Beach, VA.

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Track Name: Wake Up Music (Single)
verse 1

I rise and grind in the AM, whenever I sleep
i mean if ever I sleep cuz I grind till the AM
so put your hands together for a man like amen
and we gon' get this money cuz its ours for the takin'
i pray to God every morning to fix my mental
i love the Lord but I aint that sentimental
kill a couple of beats before I fix my dentals
eat a rapper for breakfast and call 'em continental
so while you eat brunch, on the beach front
i'm tryna get my teeth sunk in these beats son
and when you finally decide to get your feet wet
i tell 'em look into the sky to see me jet
i dont really stress, fans are heat seekers
they all scout me while you chill in the bleachers
so am i wrong to set my alarms to my song
and sleep to a dream just to wake up to a theme like this

chorus (x2)

Yo this the shit we play in the morning
so stop sleeping on me, i'm the morning
wake up. wake up
wake up. wake up.

verse 2

i make hits for music junkies and dreamers
to ride to while they window shopping for beamers
everything i throw up hit, i'm pro bulimic
and yet these niggas still wanna sleep like they anesthesic
and yea i make up words but i don't make up shit
you cant make up life but i can make up hits
until the day that i wake up rich
i'm tryna make up a plan to get my cake up quick
its all love in this industry...i lie
i swear they try to keep me down but...damn I fly
i got wings and a dream on my back, see i'm a cartographer
i'm just tryna get my team on the map
grammy winner flow homeboy picture that
can you picture 20 plaques? i can now picture this
in the whip with some dimes and some diamonds on my wrist
is what I pictured in my mind before i woke up to this, like damn
Track Name: Hi-School (The Loner's Anthem)

Applause to the outcast, who out last all fads
you're in the in-crowd? you can fall back
never on the bandwagon i got my own whip
never bump what yall listen to I make my own hits
every nigga's a clone in retro jays
miss independent is a myth every chick is the same
and creativity is out the window, but i aint get the memo
its like we all got different cartridges, same nintendo
i always heard that i could be just what i wanna be
now i'm somebody that other parents want their son to be
so wake up momma watch your sun rise and ask the
whole world what is cool when you're hotter than the sunrise


maybe I was meant to be a loner (oh-oh-oh)
I swore I'd never be a stoner (no-oh-oh)
but when you're fly as me, it leads the world to believe
that all you do is get high


your individuality is not acknowledged 'till u get to college
and in high school everyone you meet is just like you
they sell their life to the school to get a higher learning
and sell their soul to the cool to get a higher earning
you can march to the beat of your own drum fine
i march to the beat of the A&T drumline
Thank God I'm different, my style heaven sent
I aint got swag homie, I'm just mad relevant
i'm sick of all of these people telling me what I shouldn't be
they just mad cuz I'm exactly what they couldn't be
I'm living a life that they could only dream of
so hands high if you living out your dreams cuz
Track Name: Cello Kid; La Roux - Teflon Hearts & Silver Bullets (Single)
verse 1

When it comes to love I'm the teflon don/
never will I ever lay my heart on my arm again/
you were like the kelly to my regis/
now the kid walking 'round sleeveless/
cupid got it in for me but in love is what i wont pretend to be/
because us, we are just lust/
and love is just sex, lies, and distrust/
so why should we upgrade to more unhappiness/
where did the light go tell me whats happenin/
I aint wanna fall but I lost my grip/
i slipped into your heart now aint that a trip/
yea, no pun intended/
but since we in love its best i mention/
this time i'mma be bullet proof/
and if a guns drawn i'll be the first to shoot/
at your heart...


verse 2

You been there done that messed around/
but rest assured i was the best around/
I had you on a pedestal and you let me down/
its like you really fell off to address the ground/
I had to kill us to get live/
had to get off of you to get high/
chuck deuce i dont need to say bye/
cuz i'm getting my next angel right out the sky/
this time...