Disobey (prod. by Apollo Brown)

by Cello Figaro

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this a way, disobey
lest we stay, like some slaves
set our souls to some flames
for what the game, for these dames
for the fame, be a lame? nah
be you, be your debt, then invenst
in your self, be your wealth
do it stealth, low key,
homies, don't need
they just want, true friends play they part
like I'm manchester city they keep striking at my hart
but man i'm going for that belt like black parents
i take a look into my wardrobe like damn I like clearance
you say what you gonna do, I do what I wanna do
get these niggas lifted like mary-ja-wanna do
like suicide bombers do, niggas kill theyselves tryna blow up
and I would throw new shoes on the whip but I aint grow up
the same way, as these rappers that paved way
I got these blue skies in my flows for your grey day
It's a shame if they ask you what you want and you can't say
I keep my dreams on tap and my wishes in my lap
this misses if you catch the wit I've hidden in my rap
my niggas give me dap, my sistas show me love
I give these haters hell, i got my sights on whats above
the earth was made for you, now take that how you want
i already had my slice so you can take it if you want
this is a movement, uniting hipsters with them
thugs that carry tools like home improvement
i say we risk it.
got it all for the low.
ironic how it gets you hi, that smoke you blow
but nevermind them that never use they mind
you are of the clever kind, we blow up in better time
better rhymes, better I'm..still


released October 22, 2012
produced by Apollo Brown;



all rights reserved


Cello Figaro Virginia Beach

Cello Figaro is an Alternative-Hip Hop artist/producer/songwriter currently residing in Virginia Beach, VA.

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